Bertrand Delsart Software Solutions


Freelance in advanced software research, development and troubleshooting.

Currently available.

Things I Can Do

  • consulting during the planning phase (brainstorming, research, risk analysis ...)
  • prototyping and remote development for complex features
  • quick help for solving blocking software issues

A Few Accomplishments

  • Implemented a clean room Java Virtual Machine for STIP Payment Terminal
  • Transformed HotSpot into a hard Real-Time Java Virtual Machine (JavaRTS)
  • Invented and implemented a new hard Real-Time Garbage Collector
  • Kept the closed ARM and PPC ports of HotSpot up to date, working on the most complex and recent features
  • Ported HotSpot to iOS, providing both a public version based on Zero and a closed version based on Ahead Of Time technologies